Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync – TechCrunch

Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta

Nov 30, 2010 · Today Winamp for Android is coming out of beta, a month after its initial launch and more than 500,000 downloads later.

Winamp – TechCrunch

The charmingly outdated media player Winamp is being reinvented as a platform-agnostic audio mobile app that brings together all your music, podcasts, and streaming services to a single location.

How to sync music over Wi-Fi with Winamp for Android – CNET

May 02, 2011 · With Winamp for Android, music can be synced over Wi-Fi after a one-time pairing between phone and PC.

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Winamp for Mac Sync Beta Last Updated: Aug 31, 2013 04:01PM CEST The goal of the Winamp for Mac Sync product (now in Beta) is to eventually evolve into a full featured media player.

Winamp for Mac Lets You Sync Music, iTunes Playlists to

The features of Winamp for Mac can be categorized into four groups and these are – Desktop music player, Playlist management, Wireless Android sync, and iTunes and Mac Desktop Sync. Let’s look at how these features work.

Winamp Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync; Aims To Become

Winamp is now available for Android 2.1 and up, and features a playback widget for the Android desktop and integration. But that ain’t all! But that ain’t all! If you install Winamp 5.59 beta on your PC, you can sync and manage your libraries via USB or WiFI.

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Other features include free wireless syncing, one-click iTunes library import, free music, premium features and access to over 50,000 internet radio stations with SHOUTcast. Media Sync. By using the Winamp desktop player (Mac or PC), you can sync music to Winamp for Android through both a wired or wireless connection. Wired. For wired sync, you will need to plug-in your Android device via USB. From the …

How to Use the New Winamp Beta Before the Overhauled

The current beta, Winamp 5.8, is the same Winamp you used to know.It remains an interesting and very customizable audio and video media player, one that may be worthy of your time if you’re

New Winamp Released, Includes Android Pro Bundle and Mac

We have a brand new update to the free Android app (Winamp for Android v1.2) which is available in the Android Market. There are plenty of new free features to play with, plus the new Pro Bundle.

Winamp for Android 1.0 Final Announced, iTunes Sync Available

Introduced over a month ago, the Winamp App for Android has been in a beta stage since October 21. Following the positive feedback received, AOL has announced the general release of the Winamp