Urban Dictionary: Sammy Sosa

Urban Dictionary: Sammy Sosa

A crybaby pussy that landed on the DL in 2004 with a thrown back from sneezing and demolished (in one season) the support of Chicago fans. Keep in mind that he was second in Chicago sports fans behind Michael Jordan, and blew that after crying through an entire season about his batting position (even though he was batting in the low .200s) and refused to act like a team leader.

Urban Dictionary: Sammy Sosa

The act of shoving a baseball bat up a girls ass until she turns a ghostly white color.

Urban Dictionary: sosa

Derived from the song «Love Sosa» from the upcoming artist Chief Keef «Bitches love sosa » Females Love Smoking on Something Amazing #weed #smoking #sosa #amazing #dope

Urban Dictionary: Sammy Sosa

sammy sosa unknown sum one who be bling blingin and lowley haters need to diss cause they aint eva gonna get into the mlb . cause they white. man you need to lay off of sammy sosa…

Urban Dictionary: #sammy sosa

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Urban Dictionary: Sammy Sprinkler

A chelsey hass. one who is defined as a person who spits when they talk, or just tries way to hard to be cool, and has a swagger of a nerd.

Urban Dictionary: sammy somebody

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Urban Dictionary: Sammy (the cat)

Sammy is an awesome cat. He is the king of Cat land and controls the cat army (including robo kitteh). He is very strong and lazy and he eats a lot. He passes most of the work onto his 2nd in command- Minx (calico/tortie cat) who is of the highest rank (peewee pal) and also of the highest status (judged on fur and facial features) Sammi is of the higest rank, tho his fur is not special enough.

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