Urban Dictionary: Chuck Bass

Urban Dictionary: Chuck Bass

One of the only people, along with Batman and James Bond, who can look badass by just saying his name.

Urban Dictionary: Chuck Bass’d

You’ve Chuck Bass’d someone when you’ve had sex with a girl and dumped her the following morning or even the same night. Inspired by the womanizing character named Chuck bass from the television series named Gossip Girl.

Urban Dictionary: I’m Chuck Bass

A universal statement used to explain or excuse any incident or situation. To be most effective, phrase must be uttered matter-of-factly, with one’s eyes half-closed …

Urban Dictionary: #chuck bass

Definitions tagged with #chuck bass. Basically a «cleaner» way of saying ass hole, referring from a comment made by gossip girl character Blair Waldorf to Chuck bass.

Urban Dictionary: ‘Dude’, I’m Chuck Bass

The definition of awesomeness. Jenny: Chuck, you’re totally overracting, I’m really fine. European ambasador kid: Dude, the lady said she’s fine. Chuck: ‘Dude’, I’m Chuck Bass. Even the europeans must know what that means.

Urban Dictionary: Chuck Bartowski

Chuck Bartowski is a t.v. character played by Zachary Levi. He is a normal guy until he downloads government secrets into his head (the Intersect). He is the coolest nerd/spy ever.

Urban Dictionary: Chuck Bass to Chucking a Divis

Chuck Bass to Chucking a Divis. Chuck Bass; Chuck Bass’d; chuck berry; chuck berry breakfast; Chuck Berry-ing; Chuck Berry Me

Urban Dictionary: Chuck & Blair

The best couple on Gossip Girl (the show; they aren’t together in the books), ever. It involves Chuck Bass – sort of a jerk, a player (has slept with most of Manhattan’s female population), and already an alcoholic and into drugs at the age of 17 – and Blair Waldorf – a bitchy, scheming, plotting «Queen B» of her school, Constance Billard, who dreams of a happy ending and gaining access to her

Urban Dictionary: Chuck Bass’d to Chucking a fat log

Chuck Bass’d to Chucking a fat log. Chuck Bass’d; chuck berry; chuck berry breakfast; Chuck Berry-ing; Chuck Berry Me

What does Chuck Bass mean in Urban Dictionary?

The man you adore to hate and hate to love. He has a good heart and hides it really. by Shirley Report definition; the one and only reason to watch the show «Gossip Girl», he is the player that has a girl every single night.but he is one piece of hot alright.