‘The Leftovers’: What the season 3 premiere ending with Nora might mean

‘The Leftovers’: What the season 3 premiere ending with

Here’s what the shocking final scene of ‘The Leftovers’ season 3 premiere could mean for the rest of the series But by showing us «old» Nora at the end of the episode, it seems to be a

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And at the end of season two, Nora also has the last line, which is, “You are home.” Well, that home is one that they’ve really only occupied for three weeks or so.

‘The Leftovers’: Season 3 Episode 6 Ending Explained

After you read the article, let us know your thoughts at the end. This article has spoilers through Season 3 Episode 6.

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We had a lot of questions after Sunday night’s Season 3 premiere of ‘The Leftovers,’ and director Mimi Leder is here to help.

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This article contains frank discussion of Season 3, Episode 8 of The Leftovers, entitled “The Book of Nora.” That discussion, along with excerpts of interviews with Damon Lindelof and Tom

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The Leftovers Season 3 Premiere – Old Nora dropping off birds to an Australian nunnery. Totally saw that coming. Image courtesy of HBO, copyright 2017.

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Jun 05, 2017 · Damon Lindelof Discusses The Leftovers Ending, Nora’s Journey and a Character’s Fate Changing Share. Lindelof dives into the big events …

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The Leftovers, HBO’s critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic drama, premiered its third and final season on Easter Sunday, April 16, with “The Book of Kevin.”Below, Vox Culture writers

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Apr 16, 2017 · “The Leftovers” may not explain anything about the Sudden Departure before it reaches its season finale a couple of months from now.

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The Leftovers Season-Premiere Like the frontier fundamentalists in the flashback sequence that opens its third and final season premiere, The Leftovers is greeting the end You might expect

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After a grim first few episodes, The Leftovers found its groove in the season one episode «The Guest,» which focused on Nora and her emotionally turbulent business trip to New York City. While the

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Jun 13, 2017 · The Leftovers spring-boarded off the comedic and surreal chances it took in Season 2, that helped turn the show into the absolute best on television, …


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Season two and season three of this show are as good as anything television has ever produced. My PSN ID is BreakinBad and I honestly think that show, as fantastic as it is, is a step down from The Leftovers. There was this moment in the finale when Spoiler And that sort of thing is just par for the course for The Leftovers.

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‘The Leftovers’ Review: A Very Funny Season 3 Premiere is Bursting With Mysteries, Callbacks, and Ominous Signals «The Leftovers» kicked off its final season with a new gospel, new

‘The Leftovers’ Season 3 Spoilers: Old Nora, Sarah

Coon first got an inkling of Nora 2.0 shortly after shooting began on the eight-episode farewell season (the Sarah scenes were shot out of sequence and towards the end of production).