Plane talk: Why passengers like the Airbus A380

Plane talk: Why passengers like the Airbus A380 – and

Watch video · On British Airways’ two daily departures from Miami to Heathrow, you can choose between a Boeing 747 carrying 345 passengers; or an Airbus A380 with 469.

Plane talk: Why passengers like the Airbus A380 – and

Yet the A380 is easily the rarest wide-bodied plane in the BA fleet (apart from a handful of 767s, which are even older than the Jumbos). Only 12 are flying for the airline.

Why Is There No Freighter Equivalent of the Airbus A380?

It’s why UPS and FedEx respectively base their airline operations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Memphis, Tennessee. Large capacity aircraft like the A380 are more suited for major passenger hubs like New York, London, and Beijing. Market conditions are even less favorable than when the …

Why is the lower deck of the Airbus A380 curved like a

Why is the lower deck of the Airbus A380 curved like a single deck airplane? Aircraft: A380-800 Seat: Row 58. Here is what i saw: er, passenger in the window seat. – FreeMan Jun 19 at 19:27. Having flown economy on a Lufthansa A380, in a window seat, I do not recall the bottom curvature cutting into my leg room.

Airbus A380: Airlines are abandoning the world’s biggest

The A380 can fit as many as 853 passengers, according to Airbus. Malaysia Airlines is in talks to offload six of its A380s to other Asian carriers, the airline’s chief executive told Bloomberg

Is There Trouble In Paradise For The Airbus A380? –

Oct 16, 2018 · By then, Airbus hopes gate congestion may make planes like the A380 capable of carrying massive amounts of passengers more desirable. Airbus claims, 80 percent of today’s 58 megacities with more

What impact will Airbus have on air travel? – BBC

The Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, has landed safely after completing its eagerly awaited maiden flight. Thousands of plane enthusiasts witnessed the twin-deck «superjumbo» – designed to carry up to 840 passengers – make a flypast before landing in Toulouse in southern France.

Qantas A380 passengers tell of horror as engine failed

The Australian airline immediately grounded all six of its Airbus A380 aircraft – the world’s biggest passenger jet – after the incident, in which all 433 passengers and 26 crew emerged unharmed.

Can a passenger airplane (like an Airbus A380) land on an

See my original answer below, but to answer the updated question, no, there is no way an Airbus A380 could successfully land on a carrier. Let’s first take a look at the size of the aircraft. The A380 has a wingspan of 262 feet (just shy of 80 meters).

Is Airbus about to pull the plug on the world’s biggest

Airbus is preparing to halt production of the world’s largest passenger jet as it waits anxiously on a key order from Emirates. The Toulouse-based aircraft manufacturer, which developed the A380

787, A350, or A380: What’s The Best Plane For Passenger

Airbus A380 The A380 is perhaps the most inventive relative newcomer, offering two decks the entire length of the plane. It’s hard to understand the scale until you’ve actually set foot in one, but it’s wonderful, it’s spacious, and you can check out a first class review here .