I need some Argon Crystal on PC

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Argon Crystals are a rare resource that drops in the Orokin Void tileset and from certain Assassination targets. Unlike other resources, they decay after a period of time. After this period the resources will disappear from the user’s inventory and must be re-acquired if needed.

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Nov 25, 2015 · For example, if you’ve got 8 Crystals those will take 8 days in total for disappear, one after each day. So I’ll suggest you to use the Argon or look if you need them for some blueprints before the disappearing, Crystals can be found on the Void as rare resource drop.

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I find the higher level Void missions to be a lot better for Argon Crystals – at first I was looking for them in Tower I missions and maybe got 1 or 2 during a day, but from Tower II and up I can often get one every mission (at least for the longer ones).

Okay, so can someone list all things that use argon

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Top responsesReddithttp://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Argon_Crystal Click list blueprints requiring argon crystal. The list seams fairly up to date.8 votesArgon Crystals are decaying over time, you are going to get rid of them eventually.2 votesSee all

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Yeah, it means that Argon is pretty useless unless you were actively making something that requires it. However, it significantly changes how the crafting works for the relevant items. With half-life: Oh, I need Argon Crystals? Alright, time to go on an adventure and play some …

Top responsesRedditIf the half-life is that short, it’s a miracle that any are still around from the Orokin Age.40 votesDepends. I can see this useful in ClanTech, where it can be quickly deposited into a research project safely within that time limit. In personal blueprint use, … read more13 votesIs it just me, or does this sound like a very bad idea? It’s a terrible idea, and I would be quite surprised if the timer wasn’t removed or severely lengthened. In … read more7 votesIts actually a pretty clever way to avoid the HUGE resource discrepancy that exists between new and old players. I havent had to think about resources … read more7 votesMan, sometimes DE throws out some bad ideas and I like that because experimentation is a good thing, but I have absolutely no idea what they are intending to … read more6 votesThis is probably another attempt from DE to find a solution to the new player no resources vs. old player infinite resources problem. They can’t make things too … read more5 votesSee all

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You can get them from some lower Void missions, like Hepit and maybe Teshub. Go in solo, kill lots (particularly that capture mission), and generally hunt down every …

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Aug 13, 2018 · The Complete Warframe Timeline – From Orokin Empire to the Tenno Awakening | The Leaderboard – Duration: 14:04. The Leaderboard 142,574 views

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Because you only need 45 Argon to craft all the items that use Argon Crystals. You can get 20 in about 2-3 hours of void farming. So after 2-3 days of playing you could in theory build ALL the items that need argon crystals.

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To build one, though, it will take you 38,772 nanospores, 249 control modules,1 argon crystal, 100,000 credits to build, and eight hours to finish building. nano spores and control modules can be found in any mission on Neptune. As for argon crystals, they can be found anywhere in the Orokin Void.