How to export a file in Adobe Illustrator and still have it be a vector?

How to export a file in Adobe Illustrator and still have

I am new to Adobe Illustrator. I created a simple image with a shape and some text and wanted to create a vector image. So I basically created the shape and the text. Then right-clicked and selected «Create Outlines» from the drop-down menu, which did create outlines. Then I went ahead to export the image as a .png file. It was saved.

It’s the .png format that is the problem.
.png is a raster format that will not upsize very well, just like any raster format.
You need to save it in a vector format, such as:
.ai – You’ll most likely want to save everything to this format for your own safe keeping because it retains all editability unlike other formats.7
PNG’s format aren’t vector, like jpg, gif and many others. Their are raster image.
If you want to export a vector image, you have to do «File > Save As..» and then select the file format like .svg, .eps, ai (Illustrator) and .pdf. These images are visible only through any software or in the browser.1

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Launch Adobe Illustrator. Select the «Open» option at Illustrator’s welcome screen to load the …

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If your document contains multiple artboards, specify how to export the artboards before you click Save (Windows) or Export (Mac OS) in the Export dialog box. To export each artboard as a separate PSD file, select Use Artboards in the Export dialog box. To export only a range of artboards, specify the range.

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When you save or export artwork, Illustrator writes the artwork data to a file. The structure of the data depends on the file format that you select. There are five basic file formats—AI, PDF, EPS, FXG, and SVG—to which you can save artwork.

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Oct 12, 2018 · Why don’t you place it as a PDF or the AI file? Which application is that (for the layout)? Some of them do not render the image in best quality automatically. You have to switch that in the options. Also: You can’t expect to be able to read the type at that small size.

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Well, Adobe Illustrator has Write Layers option with Maximize Editability checkbox in File → Export → PSD menu command. But as a result we have vector objects that become random raster layers.

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Open Illustrator. Do not open the PDF with the Illustrator «Open With» command, just launch Illustrator from the Start menu or its shortcut. Click «File,» then «Open.» Navigate to the computer desktop and select the file that you exported in AutoCAD. Click «Open.» The file will appear in your Illustrator workspace.

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Let’s presume, that you have already created your Icon Set in Illustrator. Go to File -> Export and export your file to JPG. Select where to export, check Use Artboards and press OK. On the JPEG Options window set the Color Model to RGB, Quality to Maximum, Resolution to 72dpi, press OK. Open the exported file with Photoshop.

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Exporting to Illustrator uses the File->Export Map function. It works both in Layout View and Map View. One advantage of doing this in Layout View is that you can set up a page size and add a scale bar in layout view, and this make it easier to predict things like how your line weights are going to look. There are a few settings to look after when you are in the midst of this export process. Choose File->Export …

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Each time you export to 72 dpi, means the file have original size of your artboard in illustrator, 144 means 2 times the size the artboard and 216 3 times and ….but actually means if the artboart have 500x500px, at 72 you get 500x500px, at 144 you get 1.000×1.000px.

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You follow the path File/ Import or File/ Open and then you simply select the .ai file and press the import or open key. Corel -> Illustrator : You have your wok designed in Corel and then you save it as/ type .ai illustrator (creates a file 100% compatible, you simply open the saved file in Illustrator).