Volkswagen Made The World’s Most Efficient Car

The World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car Finally Comes To The U

With a sports car design, the XL1 is extremely aerodynamic, rivaling GM’s EV-1 with the lowest-ever coefficient of drag in a production vehicle (Cd 0.19).

Volkswagen Made The World’s Most Efficient Car – Forbes

Dec 17, 2013 · The most dangerous thing about Volkswagen’s XL1 is how it affects people outside the car. They take cellphone photos and gesture frantically …

Volkswagen XL1: ‘World’s most efficient car’ makes its US

Volkswagen’s XL1 said to be world’s most economical car January 28, 2011 ( — Volkswagen has unveiled its new, prototype super-efficient hybrid vehicle, the XL1, at …

World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car Makes Its Debut

Even the body paint is extra thin. Like most hybrids, the XL 1 is particularly fuel efficient in stop-and-go or city driving, while its diesel engine excels on highways.

World’s most fuel-efficient car, Volkswagen XL1 debuts in

Volkswagen has raised the standard for sustainable vehicles in America with Volkswagen XL1, World’s most fuel-efficient car. The car made its debut in the US soils yesterday and is being currently displayed at the 2013 Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Volkswagen XL1, World’s Most Efficient Car, Makes Its US

Volkswagen has just set the bar higher for sustainable transportation standards in America with the most fuel-efficient car in the world. The Volkswagen XL1 made its American debut yesterday at