Urban Dictionary: bitched

Urban Dictionary: Bitched

Tony walks in the mall and is with his friend and antoher guy bumps into him and its the toher guy’s fault. The stranger looks at Tony and tells him to watch where hes going. Tony’s friend looks at him and says «damn nigga u just got bitched.»

Urban Dictionary: Bitched

Also used when describing especially hard hits or crazy plays that occur during a major sporting event, particularly American football.Can also apply to homeruns or strikeouts in baseball.

Urban Dictionary: Bitched out

The crew on C-block snatched up that new pretty-boy soon as he hit yard for their punk. He’s so bitched out now they got him walk around in Daisy Dukes and Kool-Aid lipstick.

Urban Dictionary: bitched-up

Physically and cosmetically damaged. Pitted, scratched, marred up, gouged.

Urban Dictionary: e-bitched

To bitch or be bitched at electronically through email, chat rooms, or said other such electronic terms. Usually enough to piss you off or bring you to the boiling point. Also, complaining about products or services that really are sub standard and not what you ordered or expected.

Urban Dictionary: bitched in the ass

– Getting literally fucked in the ass by someone who is considerably smaller than you physically. – Getting into trouble because of someone who many consider to be lesser than you – Getting screwed over continuously by someone in any situation in any way that you could absolutely stop but still don’t.

What does Bitched mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Bitched mean in Urban Dictionary?: way more of an everyday functional type of Ownt,Owned,Pwned etc.Generally accustomed denote some body to this of a Ho’; to possess been changed into a person’s…

Urban Dictionary: Bobby O Bitched

One is «Bobby O Bitched» when they are acting like they know what they are talking about, usually in politics, and they are in turn absolutely grilled slammed and served by another person who actually does know what they are talking about. Usually after being «bobby o bitched» the opponent has no choice but to admit they were wrong.

Urban Dictionary: bitch

one of the most versatile words in the english language; it is used to express a multitude of emotions; anger, anticipation, despair, endearment, envy, excitement, fear, horror, joy, shock, surprise, warning; all achieved by one’s enunciation and intonation.

What does e-bitched mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does got bitched mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does got bitched mean in Urban Dictionary?: someone who missed aside, ended up being late to arive or to recive some thing.; to have shown up, frequently in the shape of a beat down, particularly…

What does High-bitched mean in Urban Dictionary?

whenever someone’s sound rises while making a derogatory comment, or problem, about another person.Can also be used as an observation on another individual, for example. an individual who is stressed and ranting.

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Golden Shower: To urinate on another human being for sexual gratification, usually by somebody who’s never heard the words «personal» and «hygiene» strung together in the same sentence.