Pros and Cons of Gun Ownership in the U.S.

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The U.S. has the highest rate of gun ownership and of gun homicide in the developed world, per a 1999 Harvard School of Public Health study. In 1997, Great Britain …

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Gun control laws and lower gun ownership rates do not prevent suicides. Lithuania has one of the world’s lowest gun ownership rates (0.7 guns per 100 people) but its suicide rate (by any method) was 45.06 per 100,000 people in 1999, the highest suicide rate among 71 countries with available information. Japan has a low gun ownership rate at 0.6 guns per 100 people and a high suicide rate of 18.41 suicides per …

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Pros And Cons Of Gun Control: Gun Safety and Security

Gun ownership cons: Having a gun in the house makes living there statistically more dangerous. Unfortunately, guns can’t discriminate between criminals and innocent bystanders. Studies have shown that unintentional shootings are four times as common as occurrences of gun use in legitimate home defense situations.

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Now you know the pros of gun control in the U.S, take a look at the cons of this measure so you can have a well-formed opinion on the subject. Some statistics have shown that banning the ownership of guns in certain states did not significantly decrease the number of homicides in the overall state and in fact only impaired people’s rights to own a firearm.

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Oct 14, 2011 · Here are the essential pros and cons of gun control laws. This battle for ‘common-sense’ gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic …

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Gun ownership cons? In spite of being a law abiding gun owner who has done nothing legally or morally wrong, the mainstream media and Progressive Leftists blowhards blame you and your 60 million other law abiding compatriots for criminal activities.

Gun Control Pros and Cons: 3 Points on Both Sides of Debate

While many people have decidedly formed opinions on gun control, the debate is complicated and has strong supporters on both sides. The pros and cons of gun control come to the forefront of debate in the wake of mass shootings that continue to pop up throughout the nation.

Gun Control Pros and Cons: The Never-Ending Debate

Gun Control Cons Gun Laws Violate the Second Amendment. The gun control pros and cons should not neglect the issue of liberty. The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution asserts:”A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”