Buddhist monk Wirathu leads violent national campaign against Myanmar’s Muslims

Buddhist monk Wirathu leads violent national campaign

Wirathu’s sermons play on the fear among some Buddhists in certain parts of Myanmar of a rising Muslim population that some feel is threatening the majority Buddhist religion and its traditions.

Buddhist Monk Wirathu Leads Violent National Campaign

Jun 25, 2013 · Buddhist Monk Wirathu Leads Violent National Campaign Against Myanmar’s Muslims. By Burma Journal. 200. By Tin Aung Kyaw. Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu in Mandalay, Myanmar on June 21, 2013

‘It only takes one terrorist’: the Buddhist monk who

‘It only takes one terrorist’: the Buddhist monk who reviles Myanmar’s Muslims Critics of Ashin Wirathu and his denim-clad disciples say the monk incites racial violence against Rohingya

Anti-Muslim Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu in Myanmar says

Shunned by Myanmar’s new government and its Buddhist hierarchy, a nationalist monk blamed for whipping up at times bloody anti-Muslim fervour said he feels vindicated by US voters who elected

Are Buddhist Monks Involved In Myanmar’s Violence

May 17, 2013 · Some Muslims say Buddhist monks have been inciting followers during recent violence in Myanmar. Monk U Wirathu acknowledges that he is …

Muslim Minorities in Peril: The Rise of Buddhist Violence

Muslim Minorities in Peril: The Rise of Buddhist Violence in Asia. A xenophobic revival of Buddhist nationalism in Burma and Sri Lanka has threatened Muslim minorities. Violence against the minority group has resulted in hundreds of Muslims dead and thousands displaced from their homes, languishing in refugee camps.

This Buddhist monk is encouraging violence against

A faith that teaches non-violence has had many of its monks within Myanmar encouraging violence against the Muslims of Rohingya. Time Magazine previously referred to one monk, Ashin Wirathu , as the » Burmese Bin Laden «.

‘We must protect our country’: extremist Buddhists target

He gives the recent example of a Buddhist man and Muslim woman who eloped together. Ma Ba Tha supports a ban on interfaith marriages, and local monks used this case to rile up anti-Muslim sentiment.

The ‘Burmese bin Laden’ fomenting violence against Myanmar

BANGKOK // He emanates the soft-spoken calm expected of a Buddhist monk, but the venom that Sayadaw Wirathu directs at Myanmar’s Muslim population has led …

Firebrand monk Wirathu travels to Myanmar’s troubled

A Myanmar Buddhist monk renowned for his anti-Muslim sermons travelled to Rakhine State on Wednesday, an official said, sparking concern over religious tension …

Anti-Muslim Buddhist Monk in Myanmar: Trump ‘Similar to Me’

FILE – Buddhist monk Wirathu (C), leader of the 969 movement, greets other monks as he attends a meeting on the National Protection Law at a monastery outside Yangon.

Monk dubbed ‘Buddhist Bin Laden’ targets Myanmar’s

«Most Muslims destroy our country, our people and the Buddhist religion,» says Buddhist monk Wirathu, center, of Myanmar, seen in 2014. (Lakruwan Wanniarachchi / AFP/Getty)

Special Report: Buddhist monks incite Muslim killings in

Apr 08, 2013 · MEIKHTILA, Myanmar (Reuters) – The Buddhist monk grabbed a young Muslim girl and put a knife to her neck.

Ashin Wirathu, Buddhist Monk Blames Muslims For – HuffPost

Jul 26, 2013 · Ashin Wirathu’s portrait appeared on the July 1 cover of Time magazine’s Asia edition, above the headline, “The Face of Buddhist Terror: How Militant Monks are Fueling Anti-Muslim Violence