Sugar glider

Keeping and Caring For Sugar Gliders As Pets

Sugar gliders are popular exotic pets. They’re small, cute, and unique little animals. But just as you would with any other exotic pet, a potential sugar glider owner should be aware of the care requirements and personality traits of a sugar glider before getting one.Having a sugar glider as a …

Sugar Glider as a Pet: Answers for All of Your Questions!

“Sugar Gliders” are small marsupials in the same general family as a Kangaroo or Koala Bear. They are originally from the rainforests of Australia and Indonesia , and have been domestically bred as household pets in the United States for the last 12-15 years.

Are sugar gliders a good pet for you? As with any animal, sugar gliders have certain drawbacks that you should consider. Cleaning cages, costs, veterinary …

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Sep 03, 2012 · Check out these awesome flying Sugar Gliders! When Cute Show series producer Ellis Jones overheard VICE fashion editor Annette Lamothe-Ramos chatting excitedly about the sugar gliders she was

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Sugar glider

What Are Sugar Gliders? The scientific name for Sugar Gliders is Petaurus Breviceps, which is a species of small and tree dwelling marsupial. They are mainly native to countries, including Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, and Tasmania.

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Sep 05, 2008 · Take the time to bond with your glider. One of the most special things about sugar gliders is their need for socialization. Gliders are capable of a lot of love and if you spend time with them and give them respect, they will …



IF after you have read all this, you still want a Sugar Glider, please do some more research, ask a lot of questions, visit someone who has gliders, and consider taking in a rescued, rehabilitated glider IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A JOEY, look to us or a rescue first.