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Football Manager 2008 is one of those rare games in that it knows exactly what it’s trying to do, sticks to that plan religiously, and does it very well indeed.

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Apr 16, 2008 · It’s surprisingly painful to review this year’s Football Manager on 360. Not because it isn’t brilliant. It is. It’s arguably stronger now than at any point in its long and illustrious


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Nov 03, 2007 · Football Manager 2008 is a football management simulation, available currently on PC and Mac. It allows you to take control of any team you like from a selection of 50 different countries


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Essentially, Football Manager 2008 plays like the last game, except with an updated squad list (Avram Grant is manager of Chelsea by the way, ex-QPR boss John Gregory is still there – he got fired

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Football Manager 2008 Review. Kenny 30 October, 2007 Football Manager, Reviews. Football fans prepare yourselves! The ultimate football manager simulation is back! Work will be left undone, dishes unwashed, beds not done, girlfriends and wives neglected. …

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Football Manager 2008 The good: ~ Nice, clean looking new skin that’s much easier on the eye. ~ Heap loads of new and improved features, including International management.

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Football Manager 2008 review Addiction, Immersion, Awesome! Summary: This game is a must buy for any football fanatic! Even if you’re not the biggest fan of football this game could still be worth

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Nov 03, 2007 · Probably the best new addition to the game is the overhaul of the confidence system. In the past it was often difficult to gauge what the board and fans thought of …

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Overall, Football Manager 2008 looks like an improved Football Manager 2007. It’s not revolutionary and it doesn’t bring new things that will make you jump around with joy.


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Apr 16, 2008 · Apart from the more defined match engine, the other obvious difference between the 2007 and 2008 Football Manager games is the shiny new Skin developed for the latest version.


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Oct 12, 2007 · Reviews; Football Manager 2008; 12/10/2007 Review PC. Football Manager 2008 Away in a manager. Martin Korda. Contributor. I’m assuming you’ve seen Aliens. No, not the small grey men with engorged


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The PSP version is more akin to Championship Manager 2 or 3 than it is to the gargantuan football management sim that is Football Manager 2008, resulting in a far more focused experience that

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Nov 15, 2007 · Nov 14, 2007 Somehow, the Football Manager series is both an acquired taste and a huge success. A possible explanation for this is simple: it does

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football manager 2008 verdict Still the best, still with problems, Football Manager offers a staggering level of depth. Those willing to embrace it will lose hour upon hour to the game, perched on the edge of their seat, screaming at the referee in the kind of language that would offend Gordon Ramsay.

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