Apple, Samsung duke it out in NZ’s ‘ultra-premium’ smartphone market

Apple, Samsung duke it out in NZ’s ‘ultra-premium

Analysts are wary, but market data figures show that Kiwis – and punters worldwide – have displayed a suprisingly strong taste for the new category of «ultra-premium» phones.

Apple, Samsung, and U.S. Smartphone Market Share

Samsung is on the verge of revealing its new Galaxy S9 smartphone at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the smartphone market seems destined to heat up once again. Industry analysts are watching for improvements to the camera, screen, and a few other gimmicks to see if the new Galaxy will be a viable contender for Apple’s recently-released iPhone X.

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Join us for an interactive panel discussion on socially responsible business featuring some of Chicago’s most inspiring women leading in practical philanthropy. Apple, Samsung duke it out in NZ’s ‘ultra-premium’ smartphone market. Market tracker reveals surprising trends.

Apple, Samsung combined smartphone market share: CHART

(With Samsung at 20%, and Apple at 12.5%.) If you dig through the archives, that’s the lowest combined number for the pair since Q1 2011, when IDC had them at 29.6% of the smartphone market. To give you some perspective: Back then , Nokia was not only not dead , it was number one.

IDC: Apple overtakes Samsung in smartphone market, global

Apple’s phones accounted for 77.3 million of these, giving it a 19.2 percent market share, putting it ahead of Samsung, which shipped 74.1 million units and took an 18.4 percent share.

Samsung outshines Apple in smartphone shipments, market

The latest third-quarter data from IDC echoes other recent reports showing that Samsung has climbed to the top of the global smartphone market, outpacing Apple, Nokia, HTC, and the rest of the bunch.

Samsung Seizes 50% of India’s Premium Smartphone Market In

India’s Premium Smartphone Market Q1 2018: Samsung Regains Top Spot According to the latest analysis from Counterpoint Research , the top three brands, Samsung, OnePlus and Apple contributed to 95% of the overall premium smartphone market segment in India in Q1 2018.

Best smartphone 2018: Apple, Samsung and OnePlus duke it out

While there’s so many choices out there, it can be hard to make the right decision without trying a device out first. But fear not, because our comprehensive list of the best devices on the market

Apple loses market leadership to Samsung as number one

According to the Hong Kong-based research firm, the month of March saw Samsung accounting for 28.8 percent of the US market, with Apple slipping down in second place, with a share of about 23 percent.

Best smartphone 2018: Apple, Samsung and OnePlus duke it

In our full OnePlus 6 review, we described the device as better than the Samsung Galaxy S9, which is no mean feat. After all, the Samsung Galaxy series really is one of the most premium flagship

How Will Apple, Samsung Grow in a Hobbled Global

Apple created the market literally out of nowhere, and it was a common sight to see double-digit smartphone sales growth during the 2009-2014 period. But there are only so many hands around the

Who will get the third place? LG, Sony, and Huawei duke it out

LG wants to sell 10 million units of the G2, which may not seem much compared to blockbusters like Samsung’s Galaxy S4, but is quite ambitious for a relatively small player like LG.

Apple and Samsung Lead the Shrinking Tablet Market, Says

IDC said that Apple accounts for almost 22% of the total tablet market. Samsung is the second biggest tablet maker with 15% market share, according to the report.

Bad Blood: Apple vs. Samsung – Computerworld New Zealand

Outside the courts, Samsung has taken competition in the smartphone market to a new level this year. Thanks to the success of the Galaxy S III — which was the best selling model during the third quarter — Samsung is now catching up to Apple’s share of profits, according to Mawston.