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Leif Erikson’s foray into North America began over a thousand years ago—long before Columbus’s 1492 journey. Read on to find out more about the intrepid explorer. 1.

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Leif Erikson in art. Several noteworthy 19th century paintings represented Leif Ericson and the …

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In 1929, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a bill to make 9 October «Leif Erikson Day» in the state; the bill was signed by Governor Walter J. Kohler, Sr. that May. In 1964 the United States Congress authorized and requested the president to proclaim 9 October of each year as » Leif Erikson Day «.

Known for: First European in Vinland (Part of North America; possibly Newfoundland)

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Facts about Leif Ericson 8: reaching Norway. In 999 AD, Leif and his crew went to Norway and left Greenland. He was appointed under King Olaf Tryggvason after reaching Norway. See Also: 10 Facts about Lady Godiva. Facts about Leif Ericson 9: Christianity. In …

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So, Erik’s son was Leif Erikson. See how that works? Leif was the second of Erik’s three sons, and born and raised on the Norse colony in Iceland.

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All about Leif Eriksson Fun Facts for Kids – an Illustration of Leif Eriksson Discovering America by Christian Krohg in 1893 Fun Facts About Leif Eriksson For Kids Leif Eriksson visited North America around 1000 A.D., almost 500 years before Columbus made his journeys.

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Synopsis. Born in the 10th century, Norse explorer Leif Eriksson was the second son of Erik the Red, who is credited with settling Greenland. For his part, Eriksson is considered by many to be the

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Apr 22, 2010 · Watch video · Leif Eriksson (spelling variations include Eiriksson, Erikson or Ericson), known as “Leif the Lucky,” was the second of three sons …

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Here are some facts about Leif Ericson. Leif Ericson was born in Iceland in about 970 and died around 1020. He is widely believed to have landed in North America …

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leif erikson was named leif the lucky because he resuced a ship full of goods.

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Erikson’s Family ‘Discovered’ Many Northwestern Lands. Erikson was the son of Erik the Red and …