How do you beat Belial in Diablo 3 as a Monk?

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Stage 1.
Kill all the worms which is trivial.
Stage 2.
Focus on Belial and let your companions handle the little guys for the most part. Make sure at the end of this round you are full on spirit or else you’ll be in much worse shape.
Stage 3.
From what I can tell, Belial has 3 main abilities:
Whack you.
Spit green stuff in sweeping motion.Best answer · 21
Nick’s answer about how the fight works is awesome, but to add to it here are some of the specific spells I found useful during the fight.
Equip both heals (Breath of Heaven and Serenity with the Peaceful Repose rune), and alternate between them as needed. If both are on CD, use a potion or the skill listed below.2
Inferno mode is a bit problematic, since you have 4 minutes in phase 3.
With adequate gear (800+ loh, 900+ all res, 20k+hp and 5k+ armor, at least 14-ish k unbuffed dps), and with this setup you should have little problems.
Phase 1&2: Just stand in a corner and spam thousand fists, using other skills as needed.2
After dying a couple of times in this fight, I finally went with the passives Exhalted Soul and Transcendence. Keeping a large Sprit pool available (and a couple of health potions) was the key for me to keep alive in this fight! DPS and keep out of the bad stuff.1

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May 31, 2012 · I assume you have problems with phase 3. Belial basically uses 3 different attacks (or attack combinations): The hit combination with his tentacles consists of 3 single hits, one to the left of your screen, the second to the right and a big third one into the middle. You can avoid all of them if you move a step to the right to avoid the first hit and then instantly run to the left to avoid both the second …

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Dec 23, 2013 · Stage 1 and 3 you can use the big rocks on the left and right to your advantage. Kite and keep the rock between you and Big D. The rock will act as a shield blocking D’s ranged attacks. Diablo is slow and can be frozen, stunned, and slowed. If you can avoid being jailed and avoid the stage 3 fire/lightning attack, you shouldn’t have a problem with him.

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The last boss in Act 2 of Diablo 3 is Belial. You get a huge history on this guy during Act 2 so it is nice to bring him down early in the game. You get a huge history on this guy during Act 2 so it is nice to bring him down early in the game.

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May 17, 2012 · Diablo 3 – How To Beat Belial by TheDeathOfAnEra Hey Everyone, I happened to be recording while playing today, and i came across a boss fight that i had an issue beating.

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May 23, 2012 · Hack and Slash presents our very first video! My super easy video that shows you how to quickly beat Belial on Nightmare mode. I was level 45 at the making of this, I leveled once in Act 3 before

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The first thing you need to establish before attempting the Boss Mode conquest is whether you have the actual character power to deal with the bosses in the necessary timeframe. In order to do this, do a quick run against some of the hardest and some of the easiest bosses as …

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Hi, this is my first time playing Diablo 3 and I and trying to solo the game on Expert with a solo Monk now at level 57 but I cannot beat Belial

Top responsesRedditUpgrade your weapon. Increase your damage as much as you can, you are actually hitting the soft-enrage mechanism.7 votesSwap wave of light for dashing strike (the one that gives you an extra charge) and use the extra mobility to dodge the blasts.4 votesEquip diamonds for extra resistance2 votesFirst off, turn on Elective Mode in the options. It opens up so many builds and really should be on by default. You definitely need Dashing Strike in there. It’s one of … read more2 voteswhen he does the pool, it’s important to know which ones appeared first, you can walk on them until they explode, you want to make sure you’re walking off … read more1 voteSee all

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Solo’d it about an hour ago and it was Super easy with a monk, beat him first try using Mantra of Evasion, it helps you dodge for 7 minutes, and then using breath of heaven + rune and Serenity + rune you can heal yourself and your follower.

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Nov 23, 2016 · Hi, if anyone have impale DH with shadow set and you wanna team up for this boss kill on T13 just post here or add me in-game. I’m playing as monk and i was only able to do it in 52 sec solo as gen monk. all 3 phases needs to be done in 45 sec (including animation i think).

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May 20, 2012 · Put preparation as 2 if you mess up alot and need to use immunity alot (can last upward of 15 seconds with a good build). Traps are useless, sentry is ok if you have it at that level. The attack with lots of explsions might take awhile to get used to, just click on areas with no green on them, they dont blow up fast and do no damage until then.