Are you good enough for ‘Bloodborne’?

Are you good enough for ‘Bloodborne’? – Engadget

Bloodborne– the latest entry in the series and the first without a «Souls» moniker attached — changes that. This is a game I love to hate. This is a game I love to hate. But I mostly just love it.

You’re Probably Not Good Enough to Beat Bloodborne | Time

The wonderful thing about Tokyo studio From Software’s games — the reason they’re beloved by such a widening swathe of gamers — is that they fly in the face of a decade’s worth of design

Should I buy a PS4 just for Bloodborne? : bloodborne

Do you think Bloodborne is good enough to buy a PS4 just to play it? EDIT: I didn’t notice that somebody already posted this, as it was quite early in the morning when I made this. I apologize for not paying attention and clogging up the subreddit.

Any advice for a beginner? : bloodborne –

This is because the damage you get out of stats for your weapon is a small percentage of the weapon’s base damage, and weapons do not get a good enough scaling rating (the percentage) nor enough base damage to actually give you much damage per offensive stat point early on.

What’s Really Really REEEEAAAALLY Going On In Bloodborne

What’s Really Really REEEEAAAALLY Going On In Bloodborne April 11, 2015 April 11, 2015 Jim Sterling Editorials n’ Stuff Much has been made of Bloodborne ‘s mysterious and often confusing plot.

I’m afraid I’m not good enough for the DLC 🙁 – Bloodborne

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Is Bloodborne Too Hard For The Average Gamer? | N4G

Core gamers will find much balance and challenge in Bloodborne, but put someone with little patience who just wants to have some fun and they will find Bloodborne repetitive/frustrating due to the constant deaths, no regen health, lack of map to guide where to go next etc. (features you’ll see often in the most mainstream and successful games).

I Have Some Criticisms For Bloodborne. – Giant Bomb

I’m not entirely sure how good the Witcher 3 has to be to be better than Bloodborne, but it’ll have to be pretty damn good. @sarumarine : Moon Presence is a very good/challenging fight it just doesn’t have high enough stats on NG so most people won’t realize it; …

Bloodborne – The Story – Observation Deck

Suddenly, you are back in the Cathedral Ward. A church to the right of the Grand Cathedral, the one you were told to visit back in the Forbidden Forest. Now, though, you have enough insight into the world you are in to see things you could not before. A creature— Another great one, lies before you.

Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best

This system is eased in gently: the enemies for Bloodborne’s first part are humans and werewolves that, while perfectly capable of killing you, don’t quite go for the throat in the way that later

Welcome to Bloodborne: Here’s what I wish I’d known from

Bloodborne is a tough game and introduces a few new concepts that often aren’t immediately obvious to the player, so here are a few things I wish I’d had explained to me early on.