The Viking Discovery of America

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Oct 08, 2013 · Half a millennium before Columbus “discovered” America, those Viking feet may have been the first European ones to ever have touched North American soil.

The Viking Discovery of America: The Excavation of a Norse

The authors share a historical interest in the excavated Viking sites, making thorough observations of the site where the Vikings first landed, known as L’Anse aux Meadows, in Newfoundland, and they have now conclusively solved the mystery of the first European settlement in North America.


The Viking Discovery of America: The Excavation of a Norse

From 1961 to 1968, Helge Ingstad and his wife Anne Stine Ingstad, both archaeologists and acclaimed Viking scholars, conducted seven expeditions at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. The results of their excavations solved one of the world’s greatest mysteries: the location of Vinland and the first European settlement in North America.


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Product number: 2777. The Viking Discovery of America, By Anna Yates. Over a thousand years ago, a Nordic seafarer carried off course on the North Atlantic and …

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A new discovery has revealed that the Vikings may have travelled hundreds of miles further into North America than previously thought.

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Asked who discovered America, 8-year-old Kristin Bjarnadottir, a third grader in Holar, Iceland, answers with complete confidence: “Leifur,” naming the celebrated Viking explorer.

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Who discovered America? When Columbus returned from the Antilles in 1493, he was not the first European to have stepped in the New World.

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The treasure they discovered here—a stone hearth used for working iron—could rewrite the early history of North America and aid the search for lost Viking settlements described in Norse sagas