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«Victims of Pinguin» has, among other things, information on the Norwegian whaling fleet captured by that raider. Similarly, «Victims of Atlantis», «Victims of Orion» and «Victims of Widder» contain the names of ships captured by those raiders, as well as some facts on the raiders, and more.

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The Royal Norwegian Navy has a history dating back to 955. From 1509 to 1814, it formed part of the navy of Denmark-Norway, also referred to as the «Common Fleet». Since 1814, the Royal Norwegian Navy has again existed as a separate navy.

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The Norwegian Merchant Fleet had 1 369 vessels and a gross tonnage of 15.2 million at the end of the year. The NOR register with its 885 ships and 2 million gross tonnage at the end of 2014 saw a 0.3 per cent reduction in the number of ships and a 1.7 per cent fall in gross tonnage year-on-year.

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The purpose is to measure the Norwegian registered merchant fleet’s size and structure. Until 1957 the statistics comprised of all vessels required to be registered according to Norwegian law – that is, all vessels of steam and motor engine of 25 gross tons and above, and sail …

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The number of ships in the Norwegian Merchant Fleet owned by Norwegians, went up from 1 104 in 2007 to 1 155 in 2008, reports Statistic Norway. At the same time the gross tonnage went up from 10 to 12 million, an increase of 20 per cent. Both number of ships and gross tonnage for foreign owned ships fell.

6 Forgotten heroes of WW2 – the Norwegian merchant fleet

In WW2 the Norwegian merchant fleet brought over 50% of the supplies to Britain on Norwegian ships – over 1000 ships. It was the worlds third largest merchant fleet after the US and the UK – not bad for a small country like Norway.

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«Snestad (Norwegian Motor merchant) – The cargo ship was torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Hebrides, United Kingdom 58°40′N 13°40′W) by U-52 ( …

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The period from 1905 to 1914 was characterized by rapid economic expansion in Norway. The development of the merchant fleet, which had begun during the second half of the 19th century, continued, and at the outbreak of World War I Norway’s merchant navy was the fourth largest in …

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THE NORWEGIAN NAVY IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR This booklet does not deal with the war in Norway, which lasted for two months and caused the Navy heavy losses. The booklet gives, however, a brief account of the build-up and the operations of a new combatant Norwegian Navy in exile and in close cooperation with the British Navy.

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The Norwegian merchant navy was quite large; in relation to its population it was the largest in the world, with 1,031 tons per inhabitant (and the fourth largest in absolute sense with 2,559,00 gross tons).

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The Norwegian merchant fleet grew rapidly and by the end of the century it was the third largest in the world after the American and the British. The population of Norway also grew rapidly in the 19th century.