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The Massacre Of Manila. February–March 1945. Early in 1945, General Yamashita planned for his …

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A challenging examination of Japanese war crimes during World War II offers a fresh perspective on the Pacific War—and a better understanding of reasons for the wartime use of extreme mass violence.

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The Knights of Bushido: A History of Japanese War Crimes

And the second reason that the book is not an easy read is due to the horrific brutality of the Japanese armed forces during the second World War. The photo on the cover of the book speaks volumes. It shows Sikh prisoners being used as live targets in Singapore, by the Japanese army.


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The Japanese Army during World War II committed many crimes against humanity that were ordered by the government and high command. In the Japanese equivalent of the Nurnberg Trials, held in Tokyo in 1946, many of the high-ranking officers and government officials were found guilty of genocide and war crimes and executed.

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The atrocities committed by the Japanese military during World War Two are so brutal that it is almost impossible to comprehend them. In some ways, it may be better to forget this terrible history, yet to do so would dishonor those who suffered and died.

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Jan 07, 1989 · Watch video · During World War II (1939-45), Japan attacked nearly all of its Asian neighbors, allied itself with Nazi Germany and launched a surprise assault on …

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