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21 rows · The CPU Coin List is a sortable page of alternate cryptocurrencies (AltCoins) that are still worth mining on your CPU.

Aeon AEON CryptoNight Poloniex, Swaphole
Boolberry BBR Wild Keccack Poloniex, Bittrex
Bytecoin BCN CryptoNight Poloniex, HitBTC
Darkcoin DRK X11 MintPal, Poloniex, Bter

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Best mining CPU 2018: the best processors for mining

While the Threadripper 1950X is our pick of the best mining CPU, its little brother, the Threadripper 1920X is a worthy processor for mining as well, as it has the same amount of L3 cache.

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Best CPU Mining Software – Simple Alt-coin GUI Miner

5.)Test the CPU Mining Software Make sure Start Program invisible is Unchecked , Make sure IDLE & not IDLE is Selected and then Run, a Dos Screen should pop up and say Yay!! After a Minute or two.

CPU mining – Crypto Mining Blog

Even though most people are either GPU mining or using specialized ASIC miners for most crypto coins, there are still some that are only CPU mineable or at least are worth CPU mining even if they do come with a GPU miner as well.

CPU and GPU mining on NiceHash

Use our algorithm switching software to maximize profitability with your CPU and GPU mining rig or connect directly to one of the stratum servers for more efficient mining on NiceHash.

CPU Mining Club – VPS Mining Guide Max Hash

CPU Mining Club is a website providing informations about Cryptocurrency Mining using CPU (Processors). Here we share anything about CPU Mining, How to do CPU Mining, How to Mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency using CPU, VPS Mining Guide and Tutorials.

Claymore cryptonote CPU miner – MinerGate

How to start mining: Download the suitable version for your operating system and create a folder for it; Download the .bat file for the currency you want to mine

cpu mining – Fastest CPU Miner – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

But mining speed varies by application. I might have the same computer here but there is a defect in one of the prongs on the cpu, it might always run .1Mhash slower than any other chip. Yours might run faster. No one can tell you how fast or how much better software might run for you.

The official bitcoin client from bitcoin.org has a CPU mining option. Add a file named bitcoin.conf to the bitcoin data directory, with the contents gen=1 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Running_Bitcoin#Bitcoin.conf_Configuration_File4I know this is an old question but recently I got a similar server. I’ve tested rpcminer , GUI Miner (Which is actually UFASoft miner). Personally the best I’ve found is CPUMiner . With a hash rate of about 75MH/s, it takes a bit of setting up as CPUMiner is normally used for Litecoin mining. CPUMiner gave me about 10%-20% more than the closest rival, which was rpcminer. I’ve placed the following text in a .bat file that starts CPUMiner with the correct arguments. minerd.exe -o http://[pool url]:[pool port] -u [username] -p [password] -a sha256d -R 2
The last 2 options are -a sha256d – This tells CPUMiner to use the sha256 algorithm, used for Bitcoin mining. -R 2 – Indicates the number of seconds to wait for when the pool cannot be found. I know this seems a little soon, but change yours to whatever you want.4
The original question was [sic] «What is the fastest CPU miner that I could use». Based on the answers, it seems, that everyone by default went to cpuminer/minerd. I use it also. However bfgminer (all except the latest version) has the ability to be used as a cpu miner. I have not been able to optimize mine yet but I do know that it is an incredibly smart miner with many options that can be set for performance. So, cpuminer/minerd is great for being able to download and mine with your cpu all with no extensive testing, tweaking, etc. But if you want something that you can play around with, tweak, also to have built in Stratum, etc, then you may want to also dl bfgminer and play around. Especially if you want to cpu mine other alt coins (ie BBQ, Alpha, Xen, etc—anything with a low difficulty). And if the day comes where you are ready to mine with a gpu, bfgminer is most likely going to be one of the miners you will use.3You might be better off doing it by hand. But mining speed varies by application. I might have the same computer here but there is a defect in one of the prongs on the cpu, it might always run .1Mhash slower than any other chip. Yours might run faster. No one can tell you how fast or how much better software might run for you. It is a very hard question to answer, send me your server and I’ll test it out for you. Or you could just download a few miners, try them out, and decide which works better for you.1

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GUIMiner.org – a GPU/CPU Bitcoin Miner for Windows

GUIMiner-scrypt is a GUIMiner fork for mining scrypt chains, such as Litecoin. GUIMiner is the premier Bitcoin Mining tool for Windows and is one of the easiest ways to start mining Bitcoins. By offering a simple and easy to use graphical interface, GUIMiner will let you take full control of your Bitcoin mining process without requiring complicated commands or constantly editing configuration files.

ASIC, GPU, and CPU Mining – CoinCentral

CPU design optimizes for quickly switching between different tasks. In addition to the CPU’s agility, it also has the advantage of ubiquity. If you have a computer, you have a CPU. Thus, if a coin allows CPU mining, there’s less power in the hands of large mining farms.

Is CPU mining even worth the Ether? – Stack Exchange

I would like to start mining Ether, but my GPU isn’t the greatest and I don’t really want to spend the money on a dedicated rig. Is mining from my CPU (in a Linux environment) still worth the Ether

NiceHash Miner

NiceHash Miner – Free app that allows you to rent out computing power and earn bitcoins.

cpuminer download | SourceForge.net

Jun 22, 2017 · cpuminer is a multi-threaded, highly optimized CPU miner for Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Currently supported algorithms are SHA-256d and scrypt(N, 1, 1). It supports the getblocktemplate mining protocol as well as the Stratum mining protocol, and can be used for both solo and pooled mining.


The Mining Algorithm And CPU Mining – All About Bitcoin

The Mining Algorithm And CPU Mining The Mining Algorithm. What is commonly referred to as Bitcoin “mining” is really the creation of a new block in the block chain.